Layers Of Bridges (Music Video)

Layers of bridgesClang label2017

Layers of bridges2017Cover by Jakob Emdal

Jonas Kasper Jensen’s album Layers Of Bridges is a noise-based, provocative sculptural soundscape where large stonewalls tower high above the listener. It is an intense journey where sounds at times are hard and spiky, at times reminiscent of shifting light that moves in shades of darkness – menacing, invasive and powerful – and at other a softness that envelops you in suspended, constant vibration. Always done with flair, the contrasts overtly seek the edges; the edge of what music and what art is, inviting the question what is sound?

Jonas Kasper’s electronic universe evokes a dialogue between music and art. Listening to Layers Of Bridges is a journey through a sonic sculpture that invites the listener to explore listening’s subjective creations. The album gently invites a shift in aural focus, a change in the angle of attention that brings to life facets of the sculpture. Buried inside the album’s formidable sonic makeup are harmonies that at first impression may challenge and provoke, but through carefull listening expose that things silent and profound hide inside the chaotic mixture of this intense and multi-layered sound.

All tracks on Layers Of Bridges are cut to exactly the same length. Since each track is likened to a sculpture without temporal beginning or end, each composition in turn represents a permanent presence that is exposed to the ear for the duration of the track. The duration is an indicator of how long one has to ‘listen to the sculpture’ to get in touch with the offering of each layered piece. The result is a collection of 5:30 minute long sound-objects. Sound and physical material is inseparable to Jonas Kasper Jensen and his compositions is an integrated aspect of his artistic praxis.

Jakob Emdal made the cover art especially for the release. Jakob is an artist that works primarily with photography and his images has had a strong inspiration on the sound of Layers Of Bridges.